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About Us

Ever feel like life’s on repeat? Stuck in a job that drains your soul, a routine that suffocates your dreams? You’re not alone. We all have cages, built from expectations, circumstances, and that nagging voice whispering, “Is this all there is?”

But here’s the truth: freedom isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. And at DefinitionsbyAdebajo, we’re your map, your compass, and your cheerleader as you set out on that journey. The mission is possible!


All for You

Spark your inner fire. Dance to the rhythm of freedom.

Our Vision

To empower you to break free from limitations and write your success stories. We envision a world where everyone embraces their unique potential and lives life to the fullest.

Our Mission

To equip young people with the tools, inspiration, and community to unleash their potential, conquer limitations, and craft lives that truly roar.

Our Goals

Empower your authentic expression, optimize your life, elevate your storytelling, live on your terms, and build a community of thriving, free spirits.

About the Founder

Meet Babafemi Adebajo

A content crusader, digital alchemist, and a passionate storyteller all rolled into one.

From My Heart

Hey everyone,

I’m Babafemi Adebajo, a physiotherapist, writer, strategist, and fellow traveler on this path to “be free.”  My years as a writer and editor taught me the power of words to set free and that’s why I write – so you can find freedom (whatever that means to you)

DefinitionsbyAdebajo isn’t just a website, it’s a movement. What we are looking to build is a community of ambitious souls who refuse to settle for “good enough.” We believe in:

  • Cracking the creativity code: Unleashing the streams of imagination within you, so you can paint your masterpiece of a life.
  • Hacking productivity: Bending the clock to your will, squeezing every drop of potential out of your day (without sacrificing sleep or sanity).
  • Mastering the art of writing: Transforming your thoughts into words that resonate, command attention, and build a loyal audience that hangs on your every syllable.
  • Living life on your terms: Ditching the script and writing your own story, one adventure at a time.

This is your permission slip to dream big, unapologetically. We’ll provide the tools, the inspiration, and the occasional dose of tough love to get you there. We’ll dissect the myths, expose the limiting beliefs, and show you how to build a life that blooms, not just survives.

Ready to break free? Join the revolution. Explore our articles, dive into our courses, and connect with our community. Let’s rewrite the definition of success, together.

Be free. Be you. Be the masterpiece you were always meant to be.

Be Free. Unleash Your Spark. Bloom into Your Best Self.

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