Definitions by Adebajo. Discover freedom as you become a better version of yourself.

Nothing guarantees freedom like finding your path. Though different from all others, the possibilities when you find your path are endless. Let’s help you find that path so you can become a better version of yourself.

What You Can Expect

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Discover Productivity

Raise your productivity game. Discover timeless tools and principles that have helped many other creators do more.

Rediscover Creativity

Unfold your own myth. Learn how to use your innate wiring to uncover the beauty that in life exists and enjoy it.

Find Life

After you discover productivity & rediscover creativity, everything else is up for grabs including a life of impact.

Write right

Our lives are unfolding stories. And you can learn to tell yours perfectly, and make money while you’re at it. 

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How I Wrote My Way to My First Million

Sometimes you need more than a will to find your way. Learn firsthand the principles I discovered and used to make my first few millions writing.

Screen addiction is real. It involves using too much technology during our day. While


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Screen addiction is real. It involves using too much technology during our day. While

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Building Strong Relationships

Many relationships start with plenty of enthusiasm – we think they will last forever.

Making the Best of Bad Situations

Often, life throws things at us that we aren’t prepared for. Sometimes, it leaves

Let's Write Your Story

You have a story that needs telling. Let’s help you tell it in the best way possible and to the largest audience possible.