Creativity, Productivity, and Life: A Tribute to Nightbirde


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In a VUCA world where everything is teetering and everyone is fighting to retain a hold of the things that matter. We are confronted time and again with questions regarding the essence of life. What is the point of it all? Is there any meaning to our daily experiences? Is there a reason to continue instead of resigning to ‘fate’? Why? 

Sometimes, there are answers. Other times, you get nothing. However, in contemplating the reason for existence, we find the strength to live with today’s pain and maintain hope in tomorrow. In seeking answers and desiring a better life, we keep our eyes open for the beauty, poetry, and synchrony all around us instead of just allowing life to happen to us.

Truly, you can learn to smell the flowers and draw inspiration from their beauty. You can learn to pick up the broken pieces and arrange them together into a collage that speaks true. You can learn how to draw out your creativity and produce something that will help many around you find meaning. And in their meaning, you will find meaning.

Life Lessons from Nightbirde

Nightbirde’s story rings true in this regard. Despite fighting a losing battle against three cancers, she stayed hopeful. She confronted her demons head-on, dug deep to write one more song, and when she rendered it at America’s Got Talent, she blew us all off. Nightbirde taught us that it’s okay to be lost sometimes but that we should not wait for things to get better before choosing happiness.

She found her innate creativity despite cancer pain, produced a song despite a mental setback, and a worsening health condition. And then she gave one final push at life. Her effort has since given hope to more than 30 million people globally.

On this journey with Definitions, we are about helping you rediscover creativity and improve your productivity so you can make the most of what life offers. And then there’s the extra on the blog where I chronicle my writing journey so anyone out there can learn from it.

We find meaning by helping others find meaning;

We find freedom as we find meaning.

Let’s do this together.

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26 thoughts on “Creativity, Productivity, and Life: A Tribute to Nightbirde”

  1. When I heard her sing the very first time, I couldn’t deny that the name belongs to her, I could see through her and then, the final blow of inspiration was the words she left behind before leaving the stage and for that reason, she will forever be in the hearts of many, as well as mine.

  2. Nightbirde reminded us of that voice that tells us that there is still hope, even for the common man. Like she said, “I have 2% chance of surviving but 2% isn’t 0%”

  3. Nightbirde remains a beacon of hope to many, we don’t have to wait till everything is rosy before we choose happiness. Thank you for this piece

  4. I have zero doubts that the source from whence your inspiration is furnished, will bring hope and life to men.
    As you rise, shift not bro.🙏🏽

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