19 Ways to Find Endless Writing Ideas (And Examples of How I’ve Used Them)

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Writer’s block: the dreaded enemy of creativity. Sometimes, it feels like your well of ideas has run dry.  But the truth is, inspiration is everywhere, hiding in plain sight, except you know where to look. Here are 19 ways to ignite your imagination and generate a steady flow of writing ideas, regardless of genre or niche. I’ve personally used these to write some of my most popular pieces – let me show you how!

  • Read, Read, Read: Immerse yourself in books, articles, or anything that ignites your mind. This is how I generate book review ideas or discover topics to explore within my niche. Check out my Review of Steal Like an Artist, for example
  • Become a Keen Observer: People-watch, pay attention to nature, and be curious about the details of ordinary life. I once wrote a whole post about productivity lessons from a palm tree by observing a palm tree.
  • Watch Films and TV: Analyze storytelling and character arcs. For example, Madam C.J. Walker’s story inspired a piece on creativity and entrepreneurship
  • Listen to Music: Note the emotions and stories music evokes in you. This can fuel poetry, personal reflections, or even fictional scenes with a killer soundtrack.
  • Browse the News: Current events can offer a springboard for social commentary, and opinion pieces, or connect to your niche in unexpected ways. My post on Modern Day Slavery in Nigeria took off on the heels of World Transatlantic Slave Trade Day.
  • Tap into Personal Experiences: Your own life is a rich source of material. Reflect on challenges you’ve overcome, memorable moments, and the lessons you’ve learned. I wrote a popular post about my existential struggles [Read here].
  • Daydream: Don’t underestimate the power of imagination in generating writing ideas! Permit yourself to let your mind wander. Daydreams can lead to surprising connections and imaginative leaps perfect for fiction and nonfiction writing ideas.
  • Talk to Friends and Family: Conversations unveil unique perspectives, interesting stories, and potential topics, you may have never considered alone and this can become seeds for your next writing idea.
  • Visit Art Galleries or Museums: Let visual art stimulate your creativity. Note emotions, social issues, or potential stories behind the artwork you observe and allow your mind to roam.
  • Take a Walk in Nature: Spending time outdoors clears your mind and opens you to new writing ideas. I guarantee you’ll notice something worthy of a blog post or even a poem.

overcoming the idea trap depicted by a cartoon of people picking writing ideas from a box and rushing to execute

  • Explore Online Forums and Communities: Engage with your target audience! Their questions, struggles, and triumphs can spark tons of writing ideas. A survey of my audience revealed the data that formed the basis for this article on the social media struggles of Nigerian businesses.
  • Practice Freewriting: 5-10 minutes of unfiltered writing. Surprising insights often emerge, even from seemingly nonsensical ramblings.
  • Experiment with Journaling: Use prompts, explore dreams, or document personal growth. Your journal might hold your next viral writing idea.
  • Embrace the “What If?”: Start with a simple question and let your imagination soar. This fuels out-of-the-box thinking for both fiction and nonfiction
  • Travel (Even Virtually): New places and cultures jolt you out of the ordinary. Even travel documentaries can give you a fresh perspective.
  • Try a New Hobby: Learning something new sparks insights and offers potential niches for teaching or sharing your newbie perspective with readers.
  • Question Assumptions: Challenge what we take for granted. This can lead to thought-provoking essays or world-building ideas for fiction.
  • Meditate or Practice Mindfulness: Quieting the mind allows unexpected ideas to surface. Pay attention to what floats up when the noise subsides.
  • Give Yourself a Break: Use the Reitoff principle to schedule some breaks intentionally. Sometimes inspiration flows when we stop trying. Step away, recharge, and you might surprise yourself with what you come up with.


The potential for inspiration is limitless! These 19 methods have helped me tap into creativity and generate endless content ideas. Remember, writing is a practice, and the more you explore, the more ideas you’ll discover. Which of these methods will you try first? Share in the comments below! And if you’re stuck, check out some of my linked posts for further inspiration.


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1 thought on “19 Ways to Find Endless Writing Ideas (And Examples of How I’ve Used Them)”

  1. Deborah Funmilayo

    This is insightful and I would say some of the solutions here have helped me in time past and still does. But, I would definitely try out the “personal experience” solution.
    Thank you for sharing…

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