Freelancing Myths You Should Avoid as a Beginner


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The dynamics of work have changed in the post-pandemic world. More and more companies are embracing a remote working culture, the use of contractors, and freelancers. Invariably, more people are also taking up freelancing roles, either as their sole source of income or additional sources. Research by Statista estimates that freelancers will make up the majority of the workforce in the U.S by 2027.

With more people seeking information about what freelancing entails, there are a lot of untruths on the internet about freelancing. Today is for breaking those freelancing myths, especially if you’re looking to start freshly as a freelancer.

Freelancing Myths: Setting the records straight

Myth #1 – Freelancing is a way to get rich quickly

By appealing to the basest desires of humans, many internet marketers use FOMO to drive people to purchase their freelancing courses. So you read pre-selected testimonials of newbies and first-timers who hit it big in their first attempt.

What they fail to say is that for every such successful story, there are ninety-nine others who failed. To earn a lot of money, you must be ready to hone your skills, market your services, network, and build a reputation among other things.

Pro tip: Money flows in the direction of value. Focus on delivering value and money will flow towards you.

Myth #2 – With freelancing, you’ll get to work with clients and projects that interest you

Again, there is an element of truth to this. However, there are limits to your choice as a newbie, especially if it’s your only source of income.  Yes, the riches are in the niches but a need to pay the bills may warrant you to do as many jobs as come your way.

Sometimes, your client will need you to deliver on a project that’s not so convenient for you. Without the luxury of multiple clients, rejecting may not always be in your best interest.

Pro tip: At the start, aim for retainers instead of one-off contracts. Retainers ensure there’s a steady flow of income even if there are no new clients.

Myth #3 – You’re your boss

True! You have the final say on when you work and with whom you work. Beyond the relative control over your schedule, this isn’t necessarily a good thing if you struggle with motivation. You’ll have no one to look to for support and motivation.

You’ll need to learn to build structures that make for productivity regardless of motivation or not.

Pro tip: Try out the Pomodoro technique

Want to find out more myths about freelancing? Join my free freelancing class. You’ll also get to learn how to start and grow any kind of freelancing career. Interested in the class? Click this link.


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