5 Simple Ways to Invest in Yourself


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What comes to your mind when you hear the word investment? You may think of stocks, bonds, real estate, and commercial papers. Those are okay. But what about investing in yourself? 

What does Investing in Yourself Mean?

You must think of the different parts that make you up when thinking of investing in yourself. An investment in your finances without investing in your health will leave you wealthy but sick. An investment in knowledge without a corresponding investment in your relationships will leave you intellectually sound but lonely.

Thus, to properly invest in yourself, you must invest in the different areas of your life. Maybe not all at once, but as often as possible. So, what do you invest in? Your relationships, health, relationships, career, intellect, mental wellbeing, financial freedom, etc.

Simple Ways to Invest in Yourself

There’s more to you than you are currently. Here are five practical ways to deploy your energy, time, and resources to become a better version of yourself.

Be a Better Communicator:

More than just speaking with confidence and poise, becoming a better communicator means learning how to communicate effectively. Work on it. Focus on coherence, conciseness, and clarity. Learn how to distil complex information into simple terms. Learn how to communicate lengthy information using the pyramid structure (provide a summary before going deep). Pay attention to your diction, and practice until you find what works for you.

Be an Active Listener:

Many hear, but few know how to listen. The one who has learned how to listen will always be a master to those who can only hear. Often, it will mean being able to keep quiet and observe instead of talking. This way, an active listener is better able to understand problems and propose solutions than the talker. Whatever it takes, invest in becoming an active listener.

Build a Network

Networking, when done properly, can connect you with the right people and resources that can elevate your career. If you invest in building a strong network now, you can leverage that network in the future to get new jobs, funding, and maybe even potential business partners.  

Commit to Lifelong Learning:

Anyone who will stand out must become a lifelong learner. Such people approach their world with unbridled curiosity and a desire to plunge into uncharted waters if it means another opportunity to learn. A commitment to lifelong learning is an investment that will yield dividends for a lifetime.

Get Good Sleep:

When the embers of vision burn bright on your heart, sleep may seem like a luxury you can’t afford. It’s not true. A good night’s rest is a cornerstone for a healthy lifestyle. Dr Michael Twery, a sleep expert at NIH, noted that sleep affects every tissue in the body.  So, while it’s okay to stay up late to work, don’t do it till you become sleep-deprived. Investing in sleep can help your body reset and leave you supercharged to follow your dreams.

Bottom Line

Not every investment pays off. However, an investment in yourself will yield lifelong results. Even in your retirement. How else will you even show you believe in yourself if you don’t invest in becoming a better version of yourself daily?

How are you investing in yourself currently? Please share in the comment section.

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8 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways to Invest in Yourself”

  1. Oluwaseun Adebeshin

    Thank you so much sir for this!
    The one I can say I am using currently is getting a good sleep. Another way I am investing in myself is by gaining skills that are necessary for me.
    I will be sure to use what you have shared intentionally.

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