The Unthinkables: When The “Impossible” Becomes The New Normal

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March 2020. The world as we knew it ground to a halt. A virus, barely a whisper in the news just months before, had become a global pandemic, shuttering businesses, closing borders, and forcing us into isolation in our homes. Our carefully constructed routines shattered, replaced by an unsettling new reality where handshakes became taboo and face masks a daily necessity.

It was, for most of us, unthinkable. A scenario ripped from the pages of science fiction novels, not something we expected to encounter in our lifetimes. Yet, there we were, living through a global event that had seemed not just improbable, but impossible just weeks earlier.

The COVID-19 pandemic was a harsh reminder of the limits of our imagination. It shattered the illusion of control, the comforting belief that we could predict the future and confidently define the boundaries of what was possible. It exposed the fragility of our systems, our assumptions, and our very understanding of the world. It laid bare the concept of “black swan” events – those high-impact, unpredictable occurrences that Nassim Nicholas Taleb so eloquently described, forever altering the course of history 

The Unthinkables: A Series Exploring the Shadows of Possibility

a blurred image of a crowded street to show the unthinkables

Welcome to “The Unthinkables,” a series dedicated to exploring the vast expanse of ideas, events, and trends that reside just beyond the edges of our collective consciousness. It’s a journey into the uncharted territories of our minds, where we’ll grapple with the questions that keep us up at night, the possibilities that spark our curiosity, and the ideas that challenge our most deeply held beliefs.

In this series, we’ll venture into the shadows of possibility, shining a light on the overlooked, the underestimated, and the seemingly impossible. We’ll challenge conventional wisdom, question deeply held beliefs, and open our minds to radical new ways of thinking. Just as the pandemic taught us that the unthinkable can become reality, this series will reveal the hidden potential that lies dormant within the seemingly mundane aspects of our lives.

Why the Unthinkables Matter

By exploring the Unthinkables, we not only expand our understanding of the world, but we also unlock new opportunities for growth, innovation, and progress.

Throughout history, the most groundbreaking ideas, inventions, and social movements often emerged from the fringes of society, from the minds of those who dared to think differently.

The Unthinkables are the seeds of change, the catalysts for transformation. By paying attention to them, we can anticipate and adapt to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

What to Expect in This Series

a single point of light on a dark starry night

With “The Unthinkables,” we’ll cast a wide net, tackling a diverse range of topics, from the personal to the global, from the practical to the philosophical. Anything that has the potential to revolutionize the way you think, work, and live is fair game.

We’ll explore:

  • The Unthinkable in Productivity: How seemingly counterintuitive approaches can unlock your full potential.
  • The Unthinkable in Creativity: Where the most groundbreaking ideas germinate and how to cultivate them.
  • The Unthinkable in Writing: The hidden frameworks and unexpected strategies that captivate readers.
  • The Unthinkable in Life: The overlooked aspects of our daily routines that hold the keys to happiness and fulfilment.
  • The Unthinkable in Society: The emerging trends and potential disruptions that could reshape our world.

Join the Expedition

I invite you to join me on this journey through the uncharted wilderness of the unthinkable. Let’s challenge our assumptions, expand our perspectives, and embrace the possibilities hidden in plain sight.

Are you ready to explore “The Unthinkables?” Subscribe to this blog and follow us on social media for updates on upcoming posts. The only question now is this: if it is unthinkable, how will I think about it? When I’ve solved that question, we will have our next instalment. I can’t wait to have you on this journey into the impossible. Let’s start thinking about the unthinkable together.


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