Lessons from My Freelance Writing Journey (1)

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Two years. That’s how long it’s been since I left full-time employment and started my freelance writing journey. It has been one kind of ride. And I’m loving every moment of it!

Fresh out of school, my mind was like an ever-flowing river of ideas, spewing one noble idea after the other. My vision was to make a transgenerational impact by making the world a better place than I met it (I still haven’t lost that vision by the way)

I could not stop the ideas and I didn’t try. Life was too big a platform to be average. However, the more they came, the more I jettisoned them. I thought they were too little.

“These can’t be the ideas that change the world.” “Maybe the next one.” “Certainly, it must be this one.”

Eureka or Not! My Freelance Writing Journey to the Rescue

freelance-writingNot satisfied with the seemingly small ideas, I continued to postpone my Eureka moment waiting for that one big idea that would blow the world away. That moment has yet to come (maybe tomorrow).

Not one to sit idly around, I took stock of my skill set, interests, and opportunities. I had about five years of student journalism experience in the bag, enjoyed writing a great deal, and the internet advertised many writing opportunities. Freelance writing seemed like a natural next step.Β 

Moreover, the inevitable danger of growing up and becoming independent is that the bills start piling up. I struggled to accept that my pen would become just a coin-earning tool. Reluctantly, my freelance writing journey started.

Now, two years and a couple of millions down the line, I know that’s the biggestΒ unmade decision of my life. I know that ideas in themselves are worth less than pebbles; action is the real deal. I know that there are no small ideas, just ideas that need stewarding.Β 

When the chips are down, I know you can begin again by asking yourself what is in your hand. I know that there is fulfilment in the journey, so we must never be afraid to take the hardest step of all, the first step. I know that hard goals often precede enjoyment and abundant life.

More than all this, I know that there is so much for you to learn from my freelance writing journey. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or just looking for a side job, there’s something for everyone.

The question then is this: Are you ready?Β 

Let me know in the comment section.

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