5 Seemingly Elusive Things People Want In Life

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It’s 3 AM, and you’re scrolling through a bottomless pit of articles titled “The Meaning of Life.” You’re not alone. More and more, it’s become clear that the things people want in life are universal. This primal quest, etched into the human genome, seems to consume us all. It whispers in the quiet moments, roars in the face of loss, and nags with an insatiable yearning. We crave meaning, a purpose that imbues our days with significance and anchors us in the swirling chaos. And the race never ends, for the more people want these things, the more it seems they are looking in the wrong place.

Here’s my take on the top five things people want in life and why they seem elusive.

Top 5 Things People Want in Life

people want things in life that will keep them smiling


  1. Meaning: You’ll be amazed at the sheer number of people that go on Google to search Meaning of Life. Some have genuine questions. Others are seeking validation for their lives. But all of them want to find meaning.
  2. Money: This one should be quite obvious. So many people can’t afford to give themselves a moment’s respite because of money. We hustle, grind, and climb the corporate ladder, all because we want to make more money. The pursuit of that magical number that promises freedom, security, and maybe even a touch of happiness. And yet, no matter how many digits grace our bank statements, the gnawing feeling of “not enough” persists. The more we chase, the further the goalposts seem to shift, leaving us treading water in a relentless current of desire.
  3. Peace: Peace is another thing many people want in life. The world throws curveballs daily and we all need some peace to go around. Friends become strangers. Strangers become enemies. As if the turmoil in the world is not enough, we yearn for quiet corners, for moments where our minds aren’t a battlefield of worries and regrets. But even within ourselves, the demons of self-doubt and negativity often hold up their pitchforks, keeping us on edge.
  4. Fulfilment: Finding fulfilment is a spin-off of the desire for money and another thing that people want in life. We chase it in titles, promotions, exotic vacations, and the perfect Instagram life. We pin our hopes on external validation, believing that achieving a certain status or acquiring a specific possession will unlock the magic door to contentment. But fulfilment, we soon discover, is a wily chameleon, constantly shapeshifting, refusing to be pinned down by material possessions or societal expectations.
  5. Freedom: Freedom is another one of the things people want in life. Slavery may have been abolished, but the shackles remain on many, black and white alike. Many people know what is necessary to be free but aren’t willing to make the effort.

Why The Things People Want in Life Remain Elusive

The things we yearn for in life – meaning, money, peace, fulfilment, freedom – are not just universal desires, but invitations to explore the depths of our being. They beckon us to redefine success, rewrite the rules, and step onto the path of conscious living.

And while the journey may be winding, the destination, we might discover, is not a static endpoint, but the continuous act of becoming, the ever-evolving dance of chasing dreams and finding them, not outside, but within.

Bottom Line

Call it conjecture, and maybe you’re right. However, the fact remains that the things people want in life will remain elusive as long as they keep looking in the wrong places.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some other wants in life?

People also want experiences (travel, adventure), personal growth (learning new skills), strong relationships (love, connection), and spiritual fulfilment (meaning, purpose).

What are 5 things that make life interesting?

Pursuing passions, trying new things, setting goals, building relationships, and giving back can add excitement and purpose to life.

Can you give 5 examples of wants?

A new car, a dream vacation, a promotion, finding a soulmate, and gaining self-awareness are all examples of wants.

What is the difference between needs and wants?

Needs are essential for survival and well-being (food, water, shelter), while wants enhance life but aren’t strictly necessary.

What are the 5 needs of an individual, according to Maslow?

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs outlines five levels: physiological needs, safety needs, love and belonging needs, esteem needs, and self-actualization needs.


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6 thoughts on “5 Seemingly Elusive Things People Want In Life”

  1. Ugochukwu Christopher

    This is quite out of the box.
    And it is very spot on.
    I did not expect to see these, as the five things people seek.
    But the accuracy is amazing.
    Thank you for sharing

  2. How ironic, I thought what everyone want is just to find there own place in life ergo, we play up to fit into the society. Thanks you very for this piece.

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