5 Seemingly Elusive Things People Want In Life


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More and more, it’s become clear that the things people want in life are universal. Across all walks of life and races of people, people desperately pursue the same things. And the race never ends, for the more people want these things, the more it seems they are looking in the wrong place.

Here’s my take on the top five things people want in life and why they seem elusive.

Top 5 Things People want in Life

  1. Meaning: You’ll be amazed at the sheer number of people that go on Google to search Meaning of Life. Some have genuine questions. Others are seeking validation for their lives. But all of them want to find meaning.
  2. Money: This one should be quite obvious. So many people can’t afford to give themselves a moment’s respite because of money. Yet isn’t it fascinating that no matter what people earn, they never feel like they’ve earned enough to stop?
  3. Peace: Peace is another thing many people want in life. It’s a chaotic world,  and we all need some peace to go around. Friends become strangers. Strangers become enemies. As if the turmoil in the world is not enough, many people also battle their internal demons, and you’ll be amazed how loud those internal pressures can be.
  4. Fulfilment: The desire for fulfilment is a spin-off of the desire for money. People look for fulfilment in a job, a marriage, a title, a bigger paycheck, more education, and more connections. And just when they think they have found it, it moves. And then the scrambling begins again.
  5. Freedom: Slavery may have been abolished, but the shackles remain on many, black and white alike. Many people know what is necessary to be free but aren’t willing to make the effort.

Bottom Line

Call it conjecture, and maybe you’re right. However, the fact remains that the things people want in life will remain elusive as long as they keep looking in the wrong places.

What is the one thing YOU want most in life? Where will you be looking to get it?




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4 thoughts on “5 Seemingly Elusive Things People Want In Life”

  1. Ugochukwu Christopher

    This is quite out of the box.
    And it is very spot on.
    I did not expect to see these, as the five things people seek.
    But the accuracy is amazing.
    Thank you for sharing

  2. How ironic, I thought what everyone want is just to find there own place in life ergo, we play up to fit into the society. Thanks you very for this piece.

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